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Dyberry Township

Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Dyberry Township, established 1797, is a non-zoned township (permits required) located in northeastern Wayne County, Pennsylvania. The current Supervisors are strong advocates of small government, limited regulation, individual rights, fiscally sound policies, and most importantly, low taxes. Dyberry Township has not had a tax increase in over twelve years and has ended each of those years with budget surpluses.

Dyberry welcomes you to our community. Please browse our site for the latest news and updates from our Township.

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Chair: Kevin McGinnis (term ends 2023), 570-468-5427

RoadMaster: Bruce Varcoe (term ends 2026), 570-903-5458

Assistant RoadMaster: Greg Reed (term ends 2025), 570-445-1352

Secretary: Debbie Varcoe, 570-903-3635

Treasurer: Gerard Hallman, 610-301-2293

Solicitor: Brendan Ellis, 570-253-5229


Chair: Lucinda Reed

Secretary: Patty Dunsinger

Tax Collector: Karen Blake, 570-253-6953

Emergency Management: Dan Brown, 570-647-7905

Sewage Enforcement Officers:

SEO- Chris Martin, 570-470-9502

Alt SEO- Charlie Bayly, 570-470-8287

Road Crew:

Vince Bates

TJ Lyon

Rich Barnett

Township Mailing Address:

Dyberry Township Supervisors - Attn: Debbie Varcoe, Secretary

88 Upper Cross Road

Honesdale, PA 18431

Building Permit Officer (<1,000 sq ft, non-commercial, non-residential): Kevin McGinnis 570-468-5427

UCC Enforcement Officer (residential/commercial/industrial): 

Bob Bates 570-493-1716

Engineer: Steve Knash 570-253-4508

Zoning Commission: NONE (no zoning in Dyberry Twp). Permits Required.

Township Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month, 7:00 pm Location: 88 Upper Cross Road, Honesdale, PA  18431




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News and Events

The Dyberry Township Supervisors will hold a special meeting on Monday, July 17, 2023 at 7:00 pm to discuss the Wayne County Fair.  Meeting to be held at 88 Upper Cross Road, Honesdale, PA  18431.

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